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Amsaan partners with MOTIONGATE™ Dubai to pioneer a Deaf-accessible theme park experience
In an innovative move, Amsaan, a pioneer in accessible IT solutions developed by Gulf People of Determination Information Technologies (GPDIT), has joined forces with MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, the flagship theme park of Dubai Parks and Resorts™ part of Dubai Holding Entertainment, to enhance the theme park experience for Deaf visitors. This partnership highlights a significant leap towards inclusivity in the entertainment industry, with Amsaan leading the charge in making theme park experiences accessible to everyone. […]
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Empowering Workplace Inclusivity: Breaking Barriers for Deaf Employees
As workplaces adapt, the need for inclusivity becomes evident, especially for addressing challenges faced by the Deaf workforce. Data by the US National Deaf Center (NDC) shows that only 54% of deaf people are employed, compared to 70% of hearing people. In the Middle East, over 11 million out of 350 million people have disabling hearing loss, underscoring the region’s need for inclusivity in the workplace. Let’s delve into the specific obstacles faced by deaf individuals in traditional work settings and explore how to address them effectively with innovative solutions that go beyond accessibility. […]
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How real-time insights can empower educators and enhance the educational journey for students
Deaf and hard-of-hearing students face several significant challenges in the classroom and they can have both visible and invisible needs. These obstacles can hinder their educational experience and require education institutions to adopt strategies to ensure these students have equal access to learning opportunities. Vitalii Potapchuk, Co-founder of Amsaan Project, a pioneering organisation committed to creating an inclusive world where communication and technology transcend barriers, explains how embracing technology has emerged as a powerful tool for bridging this accessibility gap. […]
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Amsaan Accessible Tours launches innovative website and mobile app
Amsaan Accessible Tours launches innovative website and mobile app, pioneering inclusive travel for deaf tourists to the UAE. The Amsaan Accessible Tours website offers a user-friendly interface and is fully adapted for sign language to serve the 1.5 billion individuals globally, who experience varying degrees of hearing impairment. It serves as a platform to book tours and connect with sign language-fluent AAT staff. […]
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Dubai firm launches specialised tour packages for deaf visitors
A Dubai-based company, Amsaan Accessible Tours, is revolutionising the travel experience for deaf visitors by offering exclusively designed tour packages. This service, the first of its kind in the region, aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for hard-of-hearing tourists, making it easy for them to explore Dubai. […]
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Amsaan Accessible Tours to showcase inclusive travel tech with Dubai Tourism at AccessAbilities Expo 2023
Dubai, UAE – 05 October 2023 – In a step to foster inclusive global travel, Amsaan Accessible Tours (AAT) has announced its participation in AccessAbilities Expo 2023, the largest event in the MENASA region that amplifies the voices, needs, and aspirations of People of Determination. This expo, supported by regional Government Authorities, is held from October 9 to 11 at the Dubai World Trade Centre and highlights the UAE’s commitment to becoming the world’s most inclusive and accessible destination. […]
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Amsaan Accessible Tours and The First Group partner to transform hospitality accessibility for deaf tourists
Amsaan Accessible Tours (AAT), the first company in the MENA region specialising in creating unique tourism experiences for Deaf people, has joined forces with The First Group, one of the region’s fastest-growing end-to-end hospitality solution providers, to enhance the accessibility of its offerings in its international chain of hotels for Deaf tourists in the region. The agreement supports both organisations’ commitments to responsible tourism on a global scale. […]
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First-ever deaf-centric tours with modern IT solutions launches in MENA
Amsaan Accessible Tours, the first company specialising in organising unique tours for Deaf people in the MENA region, has emerged as a company in the tourism sector for People of Determination in the UAE. The company’s flagship feature is the “Deaf for the Deaf” principle, where 80% of the staff are Deaf or hard of hearing. […]
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UAE taps multi-billion dollar inclusive tourism market
Amsaan Accessible Tours claims to be the first company in the Mena region specialising in creating unique tours for deaf people, tapping into the underserved and yet multi-billion dollar inclusive tourism market. The Dubai company uses technology to provide tours with all information in sign language. […]
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This inclusive new technology is helping those with hearing impairment to ease communication
The world is not quite a silent place. But it can feel so to those with hearing impairment. The silver lining is that such alienation often makes room for deeper exploration of the world. Which probably explains why Vitalii Potapchuk found himself fascinated by computers when he was all of 14. It was a time when technology was slowly but steadily making its presence felt in our daily lives. Vitalii, who was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, found himself fascinated with different components of a personal computer and software tools. A fascination that turned into full-blown passion as he went on to study computer sciences from National Technical University of Ukraine’s Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. […]