Our team

Amsaan Accessible Tours is a travel company with offices in Dubai and London. We create Deaf-Friendly trips for deaf and hard of hearing travellers who used sign language. We also create and utilise state-of-the-art IT solutions that make our tours inclusive and barrier-free.

Our team is predominantly made up of employees who have levels of deafness, comprising 80 percent of our workforce. This diverse team incorporates a range of experts including tour planners, guides, marketing professionals, videographers, sales coordinators, and software developers. Our familiarity with the unique requirements of our clients allows us to tailor our tours extensively to accommodate the needs of tourists with hearing impairments. We have a deep understanding of our cherished customers' needs, making their experience our top priority

If you have any questions and suggestions, please address them to the key staff members of Amsaan AT
Vova Bozhko
Senior Guide Leader, Deaf.
(suggestions on the quality of guides, new attractions)
Senior Guide Leader of the company, specialises in sign language events and manages a team of deaf guides. He is fluent in international, Japanese, Ukrainian and Russian sign languages. With more than 10 years of experience, he has been actively involved in the development of tourism programmes specially designed for deaf tourists from around the world.
Sarah Shameem
Sales Manager, Deaf.
(selection and consultations on tours, sales of tours)
Sarah is a dedicated BSL salesperson for the company, specializing in promoting and selling guided tours in the UAE. Proficient in British Sign Language, she is also expanding her expertise to International and Arabic Sign Language. With a deep love for travel and a rich understanding of history, her dedication is not just to sell tours, but to open up the captivating world of the Emirates to a diverse audience.
Ashish Fofaria
Sales Manager, Deaf.
(selection and consultations on tours, sales of tours)
Travel Sales Manager and Influencer Manager who has extensively travelled to 25 countries. With a BSc Hons degree in IT, he has 18 + years of experience in various roles. He is fluent in British Sign Language with substantial knowledge of American Sign Language, Indian Sign Language and International Sign. Using this knowledge, he will be happy to assist you in choosing tours in the UAE, to ensure your trip will be a fantastic journey with Amsaan Accessible Tours
Laura Kalashnik
Sales Manager, Deaf.
(selection and consultations on tours, sales of tours)
Travel manager with extensive personal experience of visiting many countries around the world. Through her own travels she has gained valuable knowledge about the barriers faced by deaf tourists. She is fluent in 6 sign languages - International, British, Swedish, French, Ukrainian, American. Using this knowledge, she aims to assist tourists in choosing inclusive tours in the UAE, ensuring a barrier-free journey with Amsaan Accessible Tours.
Dmytro Prykhodko
Creator, Content Maker, Video Production Editor, Deaf.
(photo and video creation)
Content creator, who has visited more than 60 countries, with extensive experience in organizing tours to different countries of the world for deaf tourists. He delivers engaging presentations in sign language. He is proficient in international, British, Ukrainian and Russian sign languages. With his expertise, Amsaan Accessible Tours provides tourists with an ideal inclusive travel experience. Dima creates beautiful and fantastic content, his vision of beauty will affect you and captivate you.
Maria Antypenko
Senior Manager in Marketing, Social media and Communication with influencers, Hard-of-hearing.
(working with Influencers, agents, marketing activities)
Marketing Manager, hearing impaired sign language interpreter with over 5 years of experience in SMM marketing. Expert in building brands on social media, has valuable skills in promoting and selling travel products. Proficiency in sign languages allows Maria to effectively communicate with deaf people and ensure inclusive marketing strategies.
Vitalii Potapchuk
Co-founder of the project, Hard-of-hearing.
(IT product offerings)
Ideological inspirer and creator of an ecosystem of IT solutions for deaf or hard of hearing people communicating in sign language. As a hearing impaired entrepreneur, he understands the challenges and barriers faced by people with disabilities. He applies all his professional skills as a developer to make the world deaf friendly.
Vitalii Mykhalchuk
IT. Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
(co-operation with companies in the UAE)
Vitalii has extensive experience and expertise in the development of IT products aimed at reducing barriers for people with disabilities. The list of such products includes both infrastructure solutions and individual solutions for people with disabilities.
Oleksandr Koltsov
Director in UAE.
(co-operation with companies in the UAE)
As the CEO of Amsaan Accessible Tours in the United Arab Emirates, Oleksandr is responsible for developing tourism sector, programs, and policies to promote responsible tourism, effectively manage tourism impacts.
Charles Purdue Pulido
Director in Great Britain.
(сo-operation with companies in Britain)
As the COO, Charles is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. He oversees the activities of each department, ensuring efficient processes and high-quality service delivery.