Travel insurance


At Amsaan, our goal is to ensure that every customer has the right travel insurance policy tailored to their specific needs. To achieve this, we leverage our comprehensive knowledge and experience in ensuring safe travel globally. Travel insurance is incorporated into all Amsaan tour packages, unless a different agreement has been made with a customer prior to their tour booking. The primary purpose of this insurance is to cover any unexpected expenses that may occur during your holiday.


You as our customer will be provided with your personal Certificate of Travel Insurance and Insurance Terms and Conditions (Policy Wordings) before the start of the Amsaan tour. 


Travel insurance policy for Amsaan tours is arranged by Orient Insurance PJSC – UAE, with services provided by NEXTCARE Claims Management L.L.C. 


What is covered by the insurance policy?


Medical & Related Benefits

  • Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Accommodation costs related to COVID-19 quarantine (if diagnosed with COVID-19)
  • Repatriation of Remains


Loss of Travel Documents

  • Costs for issuing a temporary passport
  • Costs for issuing a temporary visa


Please note! The emergency expenses are covered UP TO THE LIMIT of compensation indicated in your insurance policy provided before the start of the Amsaan tour.


Medical expenses are covered only if the emergency situations resulted out of the sport and leisure activities indicated in your insurance policy.


Emergency insurance contacts

24hr Emergency Medical Assistance of Orient Insurance PJSC: 

Phone: +971 4270 8706

Email: [email protected] 


For Other Claims or Complaints to Orient Insurance PJSC: 

Phone: +971 427 08705

Email: [email protected]


Important information 


Please read the whole Certificate of Travel Insurance and Insurance Terms and Conditions (Policy Wordings) before you travel and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered by your insurance policy. 


If you have any queries please call directly to the Orient Insurance PJSC by phone (UAE) +971 427 08705 or

Write an email to: [email protected]


Disclaimer. The information provided on this Travel Insurance page shall not be deemed as an offer of the insurance policy and does not oblige Amsaan Accessible Tours UK Ltd for the provision of any kind of the insurance emergency services. 


The insurance provider is Orient Insurance PJSC which is responsible for fulfilling the terms of your insurance policy. The legal basis of the insurance service provision is your personal Certificate of Travel Insurance concluded with Orient Insurance PJSC.