Do I need a visa for the UAE? 

For some nations, the UAE offers visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival at no cost. If a visa is required, apply beforehand. Required documents for visa application include a colour scan of your passport identification page and a recent 3.5 x 4.5 cm colour photo on a white background, both in JPG format. Citizens of the UK, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine do not need a visa in advance, but residents of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia do. Everyone needs a separate passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months upon entering the UAE. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult (over 21).

How should I dress in the UAE?

The UAE is a traditionally conservative nation. Dress respectfully with modest clothing. Women should refrain from wearing short shorts or skirts. When visiting mosques, women should cover their heads and dress fully up to wrists and ankles. Swimwear is acceptable at beaches and pools.

What actions should I avoid in the UAE?

Public displays of affection, offensive gestures, and public dancing are not appreciated and might even incur fines. Alcohol consumption is limited to restaurants, hotels, and specified areas. Drunkenness, public drinking, or smoking are strictly prohibited. Taking photos of Muslims without permission, government facilities, military buildings, mosque interiors, or road accidents is considered offensive and is prohibited.

What's the local currency?

The local currency of the UAE is the Dirham (AED), where 1 Dirham = 100 Fils. The exchange rate is approximately 1 US Dollar to 3.67 AED.

What souvenirs should I buy?

Common souvenirs include dates, camel figurines, pearls and goldware, hookahs, Arabic coffee and coffee pots, perfumes and incense, spices and sweets.

What's the power grid voltage?

The socket and voltage in the UAE are the same as in the UK.

Can I travel with a friend or partner?

Yes, you can book for two or more on a tour. Just add the number of rooms and participants when booking.

Can a hearing friend or relative accompany me at the same price?

Yes, the tour price remains the same for them. However, note that the entire tour will be conducted in sign language.

Can I opt-out of some tours for a reduced price?

The itineraries are designed specifically for the Deaf and include group excursions which are not optional. You might choose a different programme with fewer excursions.

Why are the tours so short? I want more days.

You can select a tour based on your preferred duration. We offer both shorter and longer tours. An option to extend your stay by 2 or 4 nights after the primary program is also available.

How much money should I bring?

The UAE is not an inexpensive country. For a week's vacation in 2023, a minimum of $150 per person is recommended. The tour price covers accommodation, planned meals and admission fees. Additional funds may be required for souvenirs, dining out, or other shopping.

Can I exchange currency in the UAE?

Yes, goods and services must be paid in dirhams, the UAE's official currency. Currency exchange offices are widespread throughout the Emirates. Some establishments in tourist areas accept dollars and euros. Credit cards and mobile payments are also commonly used.

What should I pack for my UAE trip?

For a Dubai vacation, pack dresses, shorts, swimwear, flip-flops, and formal attire if you plan to explore the nightlife. Sunscreen and comfortable footwear are essential.

Is alcohol permitted in the UAE?

Yes, alcohol consumption is allowed in the UAE (except Sharjah) for tourists and residents over 21. Alcoholic drinks can be consumed in licensed establishments like hotels, restaurants, and specified lounges.

What's the cost of a taxi ride?

Taxis in Dubai are comparatively cheaper than in many major global cities. The fare includes an initial charge of AED 5 to AED 25, plus AED 1.8 per km.

Can I smoke in the UAE? Including e-cigarettes?

Public indoor smoking is restricted in the UAE, but designated smoking areas are available. Smoking is allowed in hotel smoking rooms and specified smoking areas.

What’s the weather like?

From the end of October to April, the United Arab Emirates has generally superb, sunny days between 35-20°C. Which roughly translates as: shorts and T-shirts in the day, jeans and cardigans may (December to February) be needed in the evenings. From May to September, things heat up a bit, generally from the upper 30°Cs to the upper 40°Cs. May and September are the most humid months of the year, and generally SSS (Steamy Sunglasses Season).

Сan i take my medication with me on the trip?

If you need to travel with medication, follow the rules. Visitors are allowed to bring a maximum of three months’ supply to the UAE, but some medications cannot be brought into the country.