About company

Our team creates Deaf-Friendly journeys for deaf and hard of hearing travellers who use sign language. We believe that tourism should be inclusive, not exclusive, so your UAE holiday with us is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.
Our mission
We are creating an inclusive tourism ecosystem for the Deaf community
What we offer
Travel with us and enjoy a unique experience! You can rely on us to be the most trusted tour company in the United Arab Emirates for Deaf travellers. 80% of our team members have varying degrees of hearing level, so we understand the challenges you may face while traveling, and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure a barrier-free and enjoyable experience for all.
First mobile app for deaf travellers

The Amsaan Tours app is an indispensable travel aid.

We have developed it exclusively for Amsaan Accessible Tours and collected everything you need for a quality and safe holiday. All content inside is in sign language.

Amsaan Tours has access to sign language interpreters, a collection of useful travel information, tips, a tour programme and an Accessibility Map. Read the app description on the page.